Go Beyond Routing. Get Proactive.

Tired of not knowing where your trucks are?
eMobile keeps you in the loop and your drivers on track.

Paperless Routing, Perfected.

Other waste mobility solutions focus on the wrong things. While they may be great at collecting data, when your drivers don't like using them the quality of their input suffers. eMobile is enjoyable to use. It is responsive and intuitive allowing seasoned drivers to feel confortable from day one. We gather trustworthy data and make your drivers happy.

eMobile Route View
eMobile Route View
Live Dispatching.

Managing a fleet of solid waste trucks servicing containers on-demand is tough business. We make it all fit together connecting your dispatchers and drivers. Service orders, maps, messages, all real-time and connected. You're welcome.

Innovation comes standard.

Pushing the boundries of technology for the solid waste industry, we're doing things that make drivers more productive and improving your ROI. Things like seeing customer account service history, charging for extra services, managing container inventory on the fly, and integrating with scale/RFID hardware.

eMobile Route View

Enterprise Grade, Grassroots Simple

Why add complexity to your solid waste operation in order to introduce on board computing?
With eMobile we provide a clean, simple integration with EnCORE that can be up and running in a couple hours.

CORE’s eMobile™ is the waste & recycling industry’s most affordable and technologically advanced Android driver OBC system available. eMobile™ seamlessly extends the back-office functionality of EnCORE™ in the convenience and simplicity of an mobile tablet. All eMobile™ deployments receive access to WebCORE™, a web application providing real time viewing of vehicle location and status, animated route replay, and direct messaging with drivers.

eMobile™ Key Features

  • Secure driver access to routes, service orders, container information, and intra-company messaging.
  • Fast and reliable user interface that is simple to use, even for veteran drivers.
  • ASL Auto-Pilot™ feature for sideloaders, minimizing driver interaction with the tablet.
  • On board scale interfaces.
  • Container management & available RFID technology.
  • Generate extra revenue by tracking & documenting route exceptions with pictures and driver notes.
  • Signature capture for service order verification.
  • Paperless DVIR with images, roadside DOT review, and shop reports.

How can eMobile help your operations?

In a nutshell, eMobile will increase driver productivity and enhance data collection.

When you enable your fleet with eMobile you make your driver's job easier and get total accountability. Real-time GPS tracking tells you when, where and how long and event occurred. On screen pre and post trip vehicle inspections ensure you meet or exceed DOT record keeping requirements. Eliminate unpaid go-backs with photo verification. No can out, extras, blocks are all photographically recorded with time and location stamps.

Go Paperless. With eMobile, paper route sheets and work orders are a thing of the past. Signatures are captured directly on the tablet when required. Extra charges are billed immediately and accurately. Drivers can start a timer at anytime to track breakdowns, delays, and rest breaks. Material and fueling timers capture all details of the transaction so EnCORE can automatically be updated with the cost information. Who, what, where, when, why and how much is captured onscreen and transmitted to the office in real-time freeing your administrative staff from the typical manual data entry process. Use two-way instant messaging and VOIP to eliminate phone traffic to your dispatch center. Drivers unfamiliar with a route can use onscreen mapping and turn-by-turn directions powered by Google Navigation.

eMobile works seamlessly with your existing back-office system requiring minimal training of your staff and no additional software to manage. Utilizing off the shelf Android tablets, eMobile empowers your organization to buy the hardware anywhere at the best-negotiated price. Give us a call to see this powerful solution in action and learn more about how eMobile can improve your operations.


eMobile has several hardware expansions available.

  • RFID reader: eMobile can be used as a handheld RFID reader.
  • Available scales integrations: Air-Weigh BinMaxx™, Labrie Digiload™, Loadman™, & Vulcan™ scales.
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