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A back office software package that is built for the way you work.
EnCORE makes it easy to bill your customers, manage routes, and track productivity.

EnCORE is Flexible

Does your current software vendor make it difficult to adapt to your traditional workflow, essentially telling you how to operate? How would they know what is best?

At CORE we don’t try to push our customers through a cookie cutter. We appreciate that each operation is different and write our software to be flexible out of the box. You define how it works, then it gets out of your way so you can get back to doing what you do.

The Only Complete Solution

Other vendors provide you with just a piece of the software puzzle. Getting different applications to interface with each other is often difficult and always costly.

EnCORE and eMobile cover all aspects of your operation. Seriously, with these two integrated products we do: billing, routing, inventory, scales, live dispatching, collections, fleet management, paperless DVIR, paperless routes, route performance, online payments, and more. You won’t need other software to run your operations, CORE has you covered.

Cloud Powered

Purchasing and maintaining IT infrastructure optional.

We have two deployment options: you deal with it or we deal with it. EnCORE and eMobile love the cloud and we think you will too. Our redundant server infrastructure is continuously monitored and updated as hardware ages. Our IT professionals take care of the servers and software so your staff can take care of your business. But we’re ultra flexible, so if you want to run everything locally that is always an option.

Big Business

You’ll never have to worry about outgrowing our systems. Scalability built in.

We love seeing our customers grow and we make it easy to do so. Whether you are adding 1 employee or 1000, our software can scale with you. Also, when it comes time to do bulk additions of all your new customers, we have specially trained staff members that will make the process pain-free.

You have questions, We have answers

8am to 8pm EST, our support team will greet your call.

We don’t use a call center. Instead one of our passionate support experts will answer your call or respond to your email promptly. Also, every one of our software engineers is involved in the support process, so you’ll get helped by the people that built EnCORE. You can call us at 800-909-3630, email us at support@ccscorp.com, or submit a support ticket to get in contact anytime.

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